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Adopt a 2020 Senior
Kansas East Edition

I was inspired to start this project in Kansas East based on the inspiration a of group in Baton Rouge that started this for their graduating high school seniors.  In light of our recent events and restrictions, this is a great way to inspire and bless our graduating seniors since so much has been taken away from them this year.

who have been challenged may need encouragement and financial assistance for the next stage of their lives.

As we all know, this COVID-19 pandemic has hit the nation hard.  Our high school senior activities (grad night, prom, graduation) have been cancelled or postponed leaving our seniors in a state of dismay.  It's disappointment for our seniors who have worked so hard to make it to this point.

If you find it in your heart, I am asking you all to help show love to the Class of 2020.  Help send this message that they are not alone.

Pick a senior (or seniors) to adopt!  When you agree to adopt a senior(s), you agree to sending them a card, gift basket, donations, etc.  The gift(s) you choose to give doesn't have to be expensive.  It should be something you can afford to give and whatever you find on your heart to give.  YOu never know the impact of kindness.  Be inspired.

**Disclamer:  All and any information you give is at your own discretion**

Let's Bless our Kansa East High School Seniors graduation class of 2020

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